Everything You Know Is Only Basics For Your Car

By | July 10, 2020

The car body frame is the basis of all parts installation. The car has chassis, and there are so many spare parts in the chassis, such as engine, gearbox, wheels, suspension, brake, etc. Most of the cars adopt the load-bearing body. The girder of the load-bearing body is integrated with the car shell, which makes the body lighter and more comfortable. In terms of chassis, there are two front and rear sub-frames, so the front suspension of engine transmission of horizontal engine front drive vehicle is fixed on the front sub-frame, and the rear sub-frame is fixed to the rear suspension. If it is a rear drive vehicle with longitudinal engine, only the engine and suspension system are fixed on the front sub-frame, and there are rear suspension and differential on the rear sub-frame. There are many driving forms of automobile, such as front front front drive, front four-wheel drive, front rear drive, middle rear drive, middle four-wheel drive, rear four-wheel drive, rear rear rear drive, etc. Most family cars use front drive, so the front drive is generally transverse engine. The front and rear drive are usually longitudinal engines. Some front four-wheel drive vehicles use a transverse engine, while some front four-wheel drive vehicles use a longitudinal engine. The layout of the engine is related to the driving mode. The front-end drive vehicle will have under-steer in fast cornering, while the front rear drive will have over-steer in fast cornering. Automobile suspension is divided into independent suspension and non independent suspension. Torsion beam is commonly used in non independent suspension, while McPherson strut type, double wishbone type and multi-link type are commonly used in independent suspension.

Novice for car, Please pay attention below

As a novice, the minimum knowledge of cars is necessary. In driving school, you may learn a little knowledge, and do not fully understand the car, but when you leave the coach and drive on the road, you must know some basic things, such as when you drive out and find that there is no oil, do you know the location of the mailbox, and when you need to put things Do you know how to open the trunk? The coach has not taught you these basic things. Let’s learn them together. First of all, when your car has no gas, it means you need to refuel. Secondly, the use of light is also very important, especially at night, the role of light is even more important. When you use the light, the light is on the left side of the steering wheel. When you use the light, you should first turn the light on. When you turn up the low beam light, press the high beam light. Depending on the operation of the car, the design of the high and low beam lights of some cars is just the opposite.

The second is the filling of glass water. This sign is similar to a fan-shaped pattern, and then there are two lines for spraying water. If the light is on, it means that your glass water is insufficient. You need to add glass water manually, however before adding glass water, you must confirm its position.

Finally, the inspection of engine oil, which also plays an important role in the whole automobile participation, is the blood of human if the engine is human body. We know that when the car reaches a certain mileage, we need to change the oil in order to make the car run better. There is a ruler for oil inspection. When the oil level is between the upper limit and the lower limit of the gauge, it is normal. These are the common knowledge of the car that you must know as a novice. When you look at the above points, you don’t need to worry about your car.